13 Best Beard Growth Products that Grow Your Beard Faster

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13 Best Beard Growth Products that Grow Your Beard Faster

13 Best Beard Growth Products that Grow Your Beard Faster

If you are reading this, you are well on your journey to growing some luscious whiskers. 


Let’s hope that you have more than a few hairs on your lip by now.

Despite, where you are on your journey - we are all on the same mission of growing an amazing beard.

It is your lucky day - below I have listed 13 of the current best products to help promote beard growth.

Don’t just take my word for them, check them out yourself as well. 

I have put the corresponding links in for each product and I can assure you that they will definitely help you on your journey of being a good looking bearded man. 


Before I jump in and share my wisdom let’s get something straight…... 

Women love beards - so you better keep reading ;)

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1. Beard & Company Beard Growth Balm Extra Strength

This is a great mixture of beard balm and beard growth oil. The oil is a Tamanu which is extremely thick.

When it is combined with a holder oil like shea butter or beeswax, your beard will look f%&ckin amazing.

This is a great balm, one that keeps your luscious whiskers healthy and shiny, while also taming your wild mane. 

Solid product and by far one of my favorite’s to use. 


2. Beardbrand Utility Balm

This balm is one that many of us in the industry know and love. 

It is extremely versatile & it can be used for an assortment of things.

You can use it for your beard, hair, skin, and tattoos.

This is the product for a man who needs a balm that can just do it all. Put it on your skin, put it on your beard - heck even put it on your tattoos. 

The balm comes in 6 great scents and all are just amazing.

Overall, the Beardbrand utility balm has extremely long-lasting hydration, similar to that of leave-in conditioner. 

Great product overall - check it out! 


3. Beard and Company Extra Strength Beard Growth Oil

Many of us, with massive beards, have had the issue of facial hair dryness. 

It f#*cken sucks!!

The Beard and Company Beard Growth oil are great for nourishing your beard with omega-3 fatty acids and vital nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, iron, potassium, folate, vitamin E, zinc, and the vitamin B complex.

It is one of the best beard oils to add moisture to your face. 

With this beard oil, you might never have any hair dryness again! 


4. Cremo Beard Oil 

If you have not heard of the Cremo brand of products, you most likely live under a rock.

They have a massive line of products - from beard balms to hair creams.

One product you should definitely check out though is their Cremo Beard Oil.

It is so helpful when it comes to itchiness and dryness under your beard and definitely helps your beard look healthy. 

It has some quality Argan and Jojoba oils and also has some great scents. 

Everyone needs a beard oil in their lives and one that I think everyone should try is definitely the Cremo Beard Oil. 


5. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil 2oz

This is a much more niche product that not many people know about, but oh it is amazing!

First of all, this is a bang for your buck (you get 2oz of oil for the price of 1) 

Also, they have an amazing proprietary formula with some of the richest oils you can think of when it comes to beard care. 

For example, they have an amazing mix of  (this is off their website) “10 expertly selected premium oils that target hair growth, conditioning, beard, and skin health, and are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to help nourish your beard and relieve any irritation of new growth.”

So in essence, their beard oil is freaking amazing! 

Check it out for yourself….. I have tried it and I know for a fact it does not disappoint.


6. Beard Flux XL

This product is the go-to for a blend of quality ingredients and oils for your beard. 

On Amazon, Beard Flux has an almost PERFECT 5-star rating.

Beard Flux XL, has helped thousands of men grow a full beard. It has especially done a lot for the guys who can not grow more than a few whiskers on their faces.

The product also helps nourish and soften your facial hair - who doesn’t want that?

For all of you that are having trouble growing out that full beard, this is for YOU! 


7. Beard Grow XL

This is an extremely powerful multivitamin that has some of the best nutrients your beard could possibly ask for! 

Have you ever have those vitamin gummies that were filled with amazing nutrients? 

These are the same thing but for your beard. 

Beard Grow XL has some great reviews all over Amazon and look to work for many men who are trying to grow some luscious whiskers. 

The ingredients list goes through practically every vitamin needed to help you grow a beard! 

Not bad, right? 


8. Biotin High Potency with Coconut Oil

As you should know, Biotin is an essential vitamin needed for facial hair growth. 

These are another fantastic choice of multivitamins! 

The addition of coconut oils gives your hair and skin an added boost and this supplement has a great concentration of effective beard growth vitamins.

The coconut oil and Biotin mix is definitely a strong choice and one that is a power play for your facial hair.

Overall a solid choice! 


9. VitaBeard Beard Growth Pills

Now, for some of you who can’t grow more hair on your face then your 10-year-old nephew - you might need to invest in some beard growth supplements. 

VitaBeard Growth pills are a go-to for all of you un-whiskered men out there.

I know there are some of you who wish you had some hair on your face…. So you might want to give this a look. 

This supplement has a solid amount of vitamins.

It contains some of the most important vitamins and minerals for beard growth. 

It includes Biotin and Pantothenic Acid - both of which are great for your luscious whiskers. 

On top of all of this, it also has some great reviews (which seem to be legit…) 

The price is solid too - Check them out!


10. Beardbrand Beard Softener 

You better have a soft beard….. 

Who in the world does not want their beard to be soft (funny enough, there are people who do not want their beards soft)?

When looking at all of the beard softening products… this one is by far my favorite! 

Beardbrand has a great assortment of scents for this product, so you can never go wrong especially if you are trying to get some of those knots out of your luscious whiskers. 

Overall, this softener helps you untangle your mess.

This softener makes your beard easier to style and a lot more touchable. 

Go check it out, I actually use this every day! 

You won’t be disappointed.  


11. Beard Growth Serum by Beard Guyz

Like we have said so many times, the correct nutrients and vitamins is essential to your beard growth!

With that being said, you should most definitely be looking for a way to obtain those essential vitamins. 

The Beard Growth Serum by Beard Guyz is an oil that is fully packed with the most essential vitamins and minerals to help your beard blossom. 

The serum has a great mixture of Vitamin E oil, Keratin, and Protein and it is a great way to help moisturize and condition your beard. 

Lastly, it has a really strong scent - one that many people like! 

Definitely worth giving a try. 


12. Bossman Beard Growth Conditioner

I hope to god you are cleaning your beard, at least once in a while. If you don’t, I do not even want to know what grows in your luscious forest! 

Anyway, for those who do shampoo their beards, you need to also be using a beard conditioner. 

Bossman makes a great beard conditioner that both helps moisturizes and grows your facial hair.

The conditioner helps replenish, and protect your beard from your daily life. Every bearded man needs a conditioner like this.

This product is a must. - It contains some of the best essential oils including Mango Butter, Betaine, Avocado Oil, Aloe Leaf, Jojoba Esters, and Argan Oil.

Great for your beard and something I use all the time.


13. Polished Gentleman Beard Growth Shampoo & Conditioner

Last, but not least - the Polished Gentleman Beard Growth Shampoo & Conditioner is a great 2 in 1 product for all you bearded men! 

I personally see so much value in this product and it definitely does a great job for mu beard. 

It contains some of the best ingredients when it comes to beard products like Biotin and peppermint oil, and also manuka honey.

This amazing 2 in 1 product is great for your beard! It does not contain any harsh chemicals and is paraben-free, sulfate-free & cruelty-free.

As someone who has a great looking beard, this is something that I have tried and loved.

If you are on your bearded journey, you need to check out this product! 



As you can see there are tons of products - some better than others!

Whether you currently have a beard or you are trying to grow one, these products can definitely be for you.

Check them out and comment on which products are your favorite.

Enjoy growing your beard! 



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