3 Ways Sleep is Important for Helping You Grow a Better Beard

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3 Ways Sleep is Important for Helping You Grow a Better Beard

3 Ways Sleep is Important for Helping You Grow a Better Beard 

Greetings, to those with beards and those sadly without.

The topic of today - like usual - is beards

Last time I wrote to each of you about the positive effects vitamins have on your facial hair growth, and I thought that would be it… a one-time thing. 

HOWEVER, the response was overwhelming and the request for an encore was made so absolute that it would have been rude had I not taken the time to publish another work of art. 

They call me the beard doctor, not because I know what I'm talking about, but because I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, especially when it comes to facial hair. 


In today's day and age, beards are cherished and seen as the mark of a man, however, it seems no one actually knows how to take care of their beard once it is actually grown in. 

This is why the boys over at Newmen have hired me yet again.

Today I will discuss, in-depth, the ways in which sleep is vital to the development and health of your beard. 

So buckle up, or better yet, cozy up in bed and get prepared to learn more about everyone's favorite topic…sleep

Ahhh sleep, the duration of time for which we recharge, recuperate, and regain our energy so that we can once again become our fullest selves. 

Whether you’re giving your pillow some head or having a snorgasim, it is undeniable that sleep is vital, not only to your mental health, but also your physical appearance. 

There is a reason why in the days of Yore, people associated hitting the sack with beauty - hints the phrase beauty sleep. 


It is, in fact, true (science tells us) that getting a good night's sleep actually makes us look better (or less ugly). 

Sleep, and I know this sounds crazy, can actually help with the development of your beard in-turn making you look better. 

Don't believe me?? 

Below I have listed 3 ways in which sleep can benefit your luscious whiskers…

1. Your facial hair grows faster when you are sleeping

I know, it seems like a win-win, sleep and grow a beard at the same time…crazy. 

While this seems too good to be true, it is in fact not. 

While the body rests and recharges it begins to relax, consequentially minimizing stress as well as other emotional pressures, which in turn results in better facial hair growth

So yes, next time your girlfriend is bitching about how long you're sleeping, inform her that you are doing it for her (assuming she loves the beard).


2. Sleep will give you the energy to actually take care of your beard. 

This point, while seemingly obvious, is actually of the utmost importance. 

For instance, remember that night you went out with the boys, killed 15 cold ones, and stayed up until 4 in the morning? 

Yeah, I bet your beard wasn’t given the best of treatments the following day. 

Growing a beard, like most other epic things in life, takes a lot of work and dedication - thus if you want to see your beard hit its fullest potential I suggest knocking it down to 6 beers and going to sleep at 12. 


3. When you don’t sleep you tend to get more stressed.

We all know stress sucks, however, we typically don’t know the full reason why we are actually stressed. 

A key driver of stress is actually a lack of sleep. 

When you are not only stressed but sleep-deprived, your immune system is not up to par - or in layman's terms: your body ain’t working right. 


Not only can this deadly combination of sleep deprivation and stress cause the hair on your head to fall out, but it can also affect your beard. 

This unfortunate combo can slow down the growth of your beard and in some cases even cause it to grow in patchy (gross). 

So if you find yourself sleeping less and becoming stressed, try seeking help from a medical professional, or just do what I do - drink a couple of frosty beers and pass out (you know what they say: rubbing alcohol heals the outside wounds, dinking alcohol heals the inside wounds). 


As a general rule of thumb, it is highly recommended that an individual get along the lines of 8-9 hours of sleep a night to maintain mental and physical wellbeing

However, we do not live in happy pony land and it would be arrogant to say that sh*t doesn’t happen on a regular basis. 

If you are not sleeping this EXACT amount every night you are not going to die - the point of this article was not to scare you into sleeping, but rather to highlight its importance. 

The health of your body, and more importantly the health of your beard, rely on sleep - so do yourself a favor and try to get at least a couple extra hours of sleep a week. 


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