4 Unexpected Uses For Your Beard

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4 Unexpected Uses For Your Beard

4 Unexpected Uses For Your Beard

Being a bearded man has its ups and downs. Don’t get me wrong, I love my beard more than anything else (don’t tell my wife), but there are a lot of times where it gets itchy or where food gets caught in it.

Despite some of these difficulties, I keep my beard growing out because I think it looks great and is an important part of who I am. 

When people think: “Why should I grow a beard?”, the obvious reasons are to look more manly, to look better or just because it's what you’ve always done.  

Whenever I get tempted to shave my beard, I think about all of the great and useful qualities of my beard. I want to share a few of my favorites with you, to keep you growing even when you get discouraged.

After years of thinking through why I have kept my beard here are 4 of the ‘cherries on top’ to growing out your beard. Enjoy!


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1. Nature's Sunscreen

During summer time I love going out into the countryside and spending time under the sun. I love getting some good ole rays on my skin, but after too long the sunburn makes it miserable. 

Sunscreen is such a hassle to bring and put on every time you go outside and also can get expensive. Honestly I hate using that stuff.

As a kid, I used to always get horrible sunburns working during the summer, but as I started growing out my beard, all of the sudden I started getting less and less sunburns.

Could be a handful of different things that caused this, but one HUGE factor was my beard! Now that I had a beard on my face, I never got sunburns on my chin, jaw or lip.

Now this is not a perfect fix, especially if you’re growing a patchy beard, but this is one small benefit of growing out your beard.

If you are somebody who works outdoors for a living or gets a lot of sun in their free time, start thinking about how amazing your beard is in protecting your face.

Trust me, I am no beauty queen, but by preventing sunburns on your face, you save yourself from having wrinkly gross skin when you are older and also from all types of skin cancers.


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2. Grown Man’s Baby Bib

You bearded men probably know where this one is going. Food and beards are a dangerous duo, but your beard can be great for keeping your eating space clean.

We all know what it's like digging into a nice rack of baby back ribs, but it can get really wild really fast. Sauce starts flying everywhere, juices are dripping left and right and your face starts to burn from the spicy BBQ sauce.

Recently when I was eating ribs, I noticed that I no longer had this problem like I did when I was younger. My beard provided a nice little barrier between my food and my skin!

Not only was my face safe from the fiery wrath of the BBQ sauce, but also my plate and dining room table was totally clean. For the better or for the worse my beard caught everything that was falling off.

Using your beard as a bib might not be perfect, but I have seen it work wonders from my own experience as long as you give it a good cleaning at the end of the night.


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3. Makes You More Sexy… Scientifically

Yup you heard it from here first. Growing a facial hair can actually make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

For those of you who are skeptical out there, in 2008 a university study found that "women ... rated men with stubble as tough, mature, aggressive, dominant and masculine -- and as the best romantic partners, either for a fling or a long-term relationships".

Sounds clear as day to me. Facial hair makes you more attractive in every way, whether it be a fling or a long-term relationship.

Honestly this one makes total sense to me. When I look back at pictures of when I was clean shaven, I look like a little bald baby.

Growing hair for me, and obviously a ton or other men, has made me feel far more masculine and attractive.

While I can’t say that women have been far more interested, because I have a long term girlfriend, I can say that my girlfriend is a lot more happy with a little bit of beard vs. looking like a bare faced baby.


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4. Bye Bye to All Skin Issues

Most of us are probably a long ways away from the pimples that we had as a teenager, but every once in a while you might get a little ingrown hair or sore on your face.

Growing facial hair is great for preventing acne, pimples and sores because it ensures that your skin stays protected.

Every time you shave your face, it leaves micro cuts on your skin that become an easy way for bacteria to get inside of you.

The day that you throw that razor away is the day that your skin starts loving you and looking a lot cleaner. 

Plus when you grow the beard out, it masks any issues with your skin anyways! There’s two great reasons why you should start growing that hair!


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I love beards as much as the next bearded man: they can be amazing, but they can be tough sometimes too.

For any of you potential beard growers who are weighing the pros and cons, we have listed a handful of the benefits to having a beard.

I really doubt anybody grows their beard just for these reasons, but these are all cherries on top that can sweeten the deal for an unsure beard grower.

If you already have a great looking beard then use these unexpected uses to keep your beard growing when it gets tough. If you are thinking about growing a beard then just remember: beards are for a lot more than just looking manly.

Here at Newmen we always want to make sure that you look, smell and feel your best. Hope you enjoyed this!

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