5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Grow a Beard

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5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Grow a Beard

5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Grow a Beard

Without doubt, now (Coronavirus era) is the craziest time most of us have probably lived through. Locked inside for most of the day and when you do go outside you’re supposed to be wearing a mask and staying far away from people.

For many of us who did not lose our job, we are now working from home behind a screen all day pressing buttons like a monkey. What a crazy place this world has become. 

On the brightside, this time of quarantine and paranoia is a great opportunity to mix up your routine and try new things. For example I’ve started learning how to cook fried chicken (not a bad skill to have).

During the past couple months I have been encouraging all of my friends to try growing out their beards, mustaches and sideburns. They always reply with things like “my work doesnt want me growing out a beard!” or “won’t it be itchy?” and to this I reply:

“Now is the best time in history to try growing out your beard!”

Here are the 5 reasons why there has NEVER been a better time to test out the bearded style.

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1. No restrictions

For many who work at restaurants, kitchens or professional jobs your beard may always be getting in your way. Many of these employers may discourage you from growing out your beard because it is a risk to getting hairs in the food or they may just say it doesn't look professional. 

Over the past couple months many of these bearded people have been switched to work from home or fired. For the better or for the worse this means that these people don’t have a reason to stay clean shaven any more. 

To the chef and corporate man, now is the time to try something new and something that you may not be able to try during normal times. While Coronavirus has not been great for many reasons, it has made men much more likely to grow out their beards.

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2. Fewer people will see it

Many men who don’t usually grow out their beard may be cautious about trying to grow a beard in case it doesn't grow well and they end up looking like their 16 year old self again.

Many guys out there have a tough time growing a full beard and get patchy parts. Normally it takes a little time to figure out how your beard grows in: thick, thin, patchy, etc.

Once you figure out how it grows naturally then you can decide how you want to style it and which parts you want to grow. This can be a long process and takes dedication to growing it out even when it may not look great for a week or so.

Imagine going into work with a scraggly patchy looking beard that you’re “testing”... not going to fly unless you want to look like the puberty monster has come back for part 2.

Many Americans are luckily able to work from home for a short period of time and this allows them to test out how their beard looks from the safety of their home.

No more judgemental looks from your coworkers or family friends, because when you’re in quarantine it is just you and your beard.

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3. Beards can help your jawline

Let’s face it: the government basically told us to stay home all day and paid everyone $1,200 in the process. Do you think anybody is going to be getting into better shape?

I know as for me I have spent my stimulus money on lots of ice cream and spent my time in my living room watching Showtime nonstop.

Just like many other Americans, I have gotten pretty damn fat over the past month. Lucky for me, my beard has a little trick up its sleeve to help with that.

You heard me right: Your beard can actually make you look less fat! The magic behind this little trick is the contrast that you can make with your beard vs your neck.

When your neck and your jaw all blend together you start to look like a melting roll of cookie dough, but when you can grow out your beard to cover your entire jaw and have exact hair lines, this helps to “give you a neck”.

This means that you want to shave all the hair on your neck right up until you get to the bottom of your jaw.

It might sound crazy and way too easy to be true, but trust me when I say it can work miracles for someone who has packed a couple pounds recently like me.

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4. Freedom to play around

In the world of facial hair there are so many different options to choose from that it can oftentimes become overwhelming.

You see some guys with great looking mustaches, but can you pull it off?

You have that one friend that has some killer sideburns, but could you have sideburns without looking like you were in a civil war reenactment?

Well there is no better time than now to start figuring out what kind of hair is best for you. From the goatee to the Paul Bunyan beard, there are endless options to choose from and this takes time to figure out what you like.

During the Coronavirus era you may have a bit more quarantine at home time on your hands and this could be the perfect time to start growing out your hair and testing.

I would recommend starting by figuring out 3 facial hair styles and then whittling down that hair like a greek sculptor creating a perfect statue. 

I’d recommend taking lots of pictures so you can compare and contrast and then once you figure out which style you like best you’ll never need to go back to the sad clean shaven life ever again.

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5. New routines

For many people, their world has been shaken around and turned upside down as their normal routine has been changed. Something as easy as going to the grocery store has turned into waiting in long lines and fighting to get any toilet paper.

Well in these crazy times it is actually much easier to try new things. Science shows that it is much easier to get into new habits / try new things when you are taken out of your normal routine. 

For those of you who are on the fence about growing a beard, this is the time to break your normal shaving routines and give it a shot!

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To those of you who are hesitant to begin your bearded journey, now is the best time in history to give it a shot. The risks are lower than ever and you might just get a couple benefits out of it if you do it right. 

One last important point for those of you who are new to the bearded journey, good beard products can go a long way when it comes to making your beard smell, look and feel amazing. Good products can make the difference between loving and hating your beard.

Here at Newmen we are dedicated to helping you become your best self by making you feel, smell and look your best every day.


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