7 Vitamins that Promote Beard Growth and Facial Hair

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7 Vitamins that Promote Beard Growth and Facial Hair

7 Vitamins that Promote Beard Growth and Facial Hair

Today, beards are seen by men of all ages as the epitome of manhood, and the cornerstone of manliness. 

Beards are now #trending, which has created a wave of men hitting the shelves to purchase products they believe will help them get the beard they’ve always wanted. 

The product race has begun, and men are going to extreme measures. 

Some are even bypassing the aforementioned use of products and opting for more seismic measures such as beard transplants. 


Are the products that these men are buying bull sh*t? 

Is growing a beard only about genetics? 

Should you get a beard transplant (no)? 

In this article I won’t really talk about any of this, however, I will discuss the benefits of certain vitamins and how they can affect beard growth

According to many studies, men who have a balanced diet, enriched with vitamins, tend to have healthier - more full - beards. 

While it is obvious that hormones and genetics play a significant role in facial hair growth, vitamins are equally as essential.

The same vitamins that allow our bodies to properly function - also contribute to facial hair growth. 

Below I discuss the benefits of each of these vitamins. 


1. Vitamin C

Ahh Vitamin C, you know that stuff that comes from those stupid little packets of orange powder your mom tried to put in your water when you were sick as a kid? 

Yeah, that's Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues, and is involved in many body functions including the formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. 

Yeah I know, that’s a lot. 

Here - laugh a little...


One of the (many) functions of Vitamin C, in addition to all that other garbage, is the increase of blood circulation which promotes the growth and development of hair follicles. 


Vitamin C increases testosterone which is the male hormone responsible for beard growth. 

If you want to grow a beard maybe you should give your mom a call. (Vitamin C time)

2. Niacin (Vitamin B3)

From here on out I will refer to this vitamin as vitamin B3 simply because I cannot pronounce “Niacin”. 

Vitamin B3 can be sourced from foods such as chicken, pork, turkey, oily fish, and peanuts…so foods that someone with a beard may actually consume. 

Not too shabby.

Vitamin B3 helps to balance the hormones that promote beard growth and, like every other vitamin, improves blood circulation. 

So yeah, if you're a fan of the famous McDonald’s Mc-chicken or if you go nuts for thanksgiving dinner - your well on your way to fattening up that beard (and possibly yourself as well).


3. Vitamin E

I know what your thinking - what is there a vitamin for every letter of the fu*cking alphabet?

There probably is, but no other letter is as beneficial to your facial hair as the infamous “E”.

Vitamin E can be found in soybeans, leafy veggies, nuts, beans, and seeds… or in layman's terms, food that is considerably more healthy than the food that contains Vitamin B3. 

It is generally accepted by the Med-web community that Vitamin E helps to maintain skin and hair health. 

Vitamin E is great for beard growth and the skin under your luscious whiskers as it keeps the hair healthy and moisturized. 

So yeah, eat your soybeans.


4. Vitamin B7 or Biotin

Biotin, or as the lesser man refers to it, Vitamin B7, is referred to as Vitamin B3’s big brother. 

One finds Biotin in foods such as wheat, oyster, egg yolk, bread, and whatever the f*ck legumes are. 

Does not sound very appetizing. 

This vitamin is related to hair growth because it “promotes the synthesis of keratin, which is a structural protein of hair”. 

Keratin is essential when growing your beard, as the hair on your face is structured with keratin. 

Many studies show that men who have used biotin solely as a supplement, have seen results regarding beard growth - it made their beards more “full”. 

Make sure you add that Vitamin B7 to your diet.


5. Vitamin D 

No, this is not what you gave your girlfriend last night ;)

This is the vitamin found in sunlight, nuts, and dairy products. 

Vitamin D balances certain hormones and triggers testosterone which we all know helps your facial hair grow in. 

Testosterone is essential, everyone knows that. 

Thus, if you want your beard to grow in you should be taking the D, not your girlfriend.  


6. Vitamin A

We have the entire alphabet here. Can’t let you go without learning about Vitamin A. 

Vitamin A is present in foods like carrots, liver, egg yolk, tomatoes, and foods that no one eats. (Figure it out) 


This vitamin is vital when it comes to maintaining the proper functionality and structure of epithelial tissues within your body. 

Also, Vitamin A is used to produce sebum which is a lubricant vital to keeping your hair and your skin moisturized. 

I would go deeper into the science, but hey, there is a reason why I'm writing a blog and not doing research at Stanford. 

It is super important to keep your facial hair and skin looking clean and healthy. 

While Vitamin A does not have a direct correlation to facial hair growth like many of the other vitamins, it does improve blood flow and circulation. 

In theory, then, Vitamin A does help beard growth as it circulates blood into the hair follicles on your face.  

7. Vitamin K

Finally, coming in at number 7 is Vitamin K. 

Vitamin K resides in green veggies and organ meat such as the brain and heart… thus if you ingest high amounts of this vitamin you're either a vegetarian or a sociopath. 

Vitamin K is used to regulate calcium in bones and in the brain, therefore you most definitely need this vitamin.

We all have a lot of Vitamin K in our essential organs - it is a pretty important vitamin.

Lastly, there are two forms of this vitamin that are crucial for producing testosterone and DHT, which as you must know by now are related to facial hair growth. 

If you want a nice full beard - add some Vitamin K to your diet. 



Well, in reality, you could take all the vitamins in the world and only grow in as much facial hair as your old gym teachers pedo stash.

However, if you currently do have a solid beard base, vitamins WILL help fill in and strengthen your facial hair. 

So improve that diet and you will have a great looking beard in no time. 


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